We are a factory direct manufacturing company and live content provider in creating “Intelligent Signage Solutions”. We manufacture and distribute models that include LIVE TICKERs, LED and LCD Displays with live feeds for Casinos, Race & Sportsbooks, Gaming Halls, Restaurants, Mancave and Home Theatre applications. (All sports content is managed by real journalists, working in real newsrooms) 365 days per year.

I must have called you about five times before finally getting my 93 inch Titan ticker.I LOVE THIS THING!!! I have been showing off to anybody who will look at my pictures and video. I'm actually thinking of getting a 38 inch fantasy ticker for the other site of my basement. I just love your product and have some other pictures to hopefully get in the man cave or the year contest. And I'm also in the pick em already. I'm all in!!!!!!!
VP of Marketing,Chicago
Just holed up and thinking about all the things that bring us happiness – in particular my son for whom my mother bought the Tickercom unit and feed a little over a year ago. I remember both of you hustling to get it to him before the Superbowl last year even though we didn’t even ask for that. The service is great, and every time I deal with Maureen it’s a pleasure. I think you’re in a great business and doing a great job at it. As my son reminds me, I only wish I had one in my room when I was teenager! Thanks

Tickercom Stock Tickers

Having pioneered the wireless transmission of live customized content to LED displays, Tickercom boasts as a leading client-specific content provider, broadcasting content services and specialized messages throughout North America. Tickercomstocktickers is a wholesale factory direct manufacturing company of Stock, Sports and Cryptocurrency Tickers for both Consumer and Commercial use with numerous sizes and models available for simple on line purchase, need a custom size or design, give us a call.

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