SKYBOX SPORTS NETWORK ( Tickercom Inc. ) Las Vegas, Nevada March 29/2020
The Skybox Sports Network is pleased to announce our assistance in fighting the COVID-19 virus with a program to distribute 12,000 Respiratory and Medical Masks throughout the Las Vegas Community and our nationwide business clients, their family's and employees in various hotspot regions.
Ron Frederickson president commented, we are pleased to help any way we can during the shut down of the sports seasons, we have an office in Shenzhen and were able to source quality masks. We decided to air freight them directly into Las Vegas to save time and get them out to the Hospitals, Front line Responders and clients as soon as possible, we are shipping them into the worst hotspots first like New York and New Jersey, with more to follow, our local employees in Las Vegas will be dropping them off to Senior Homes,first Responders and front line locations.
We knew there were mask shortages and wanted to do all we could to support our local community and loyal customers, it's a small way to say thanks and let them know they have our support.
Ron Frederickson
President,Tickercom Inc.


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I must have called you about five times before finally getting my 93 inch Titan ticker.I LOVE THIS THING!!! I have been showing off to anybody who will look at my pictures and video. I'm actually thinking of getting a 38 inch fantasy ticker for the other site of my basement. I just love your product and have some other pictures to hopefully get in the man cave or the year contest. And I'm also in the pick em already. I'm all in!!!!!!!

                                                    --Jamal,VP of Marketing,Chicago


Just holed up and thinking about all the things that bring us happiness – in particular my son for whom my mother bought the Tickercom unit and feed a little over a year ago. I remember both of you hustling to get it to him before the Superbowl last year even though we didn’t even ask for that. The service is great, and every time I deal with Maureen it’s a pleasure. I think you’re in a great business and doing a great job at it. As my son reminds me, I only wish I had one in my room when I was teenager!
Thanks again,

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