• Spice up your sports lounge with a great look!
  • Get LIVE updates from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, CFL, UFC, NASCAR,PGA, MLS, Euro, Copa America
  • SKYBOX LED Sports Tickers keep you in touch with everything going on in the world of sports. Every morning, 365 days per year, our sports journalists update the lineup with games, odds and stories. Then, throughout the day, your ticker will continue to update the latest scores, breaking news, and injuries, along with Fantasy Stats and reviews. All major sports and sporting events are covered, including specialty events such as College Football Bowl Games, March Madness Tournament, Olympics, Wimbledon, Triple Crown, Special Super Bowl coverage, the World Cup and more.
  • Available in multiple sizes, the Tickers are Fun with Relevant LIVE content and are perfect for home, office, and retail locations.

  • WiFi simple plug and play
  • 65,536 Shades of color, alphanumeric text, Pixel pitch, 7.62mm,
  • Two-year factory warranty
  • Includes mounting hardware and UL power supply
  • Includes one-year free content, renewals are just $9.95 per month thereafter
  • Includes shipping to your doorsports ticker

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