• Maximum height 512pixels, and maximum width 2048pixels.
  • 16MB Memory size.
  • All fonts in Windows(R) system.
  • Seven basic colors such as red, green, yellow, white, blue, cyan, purple, nineteen combined color and custom color.
  • Real-time Multi-tasks Operating System LMOS. The screen can be divided into several parts displaying individually.
  • RS232, RS422 standard interface.
  • General Modem, GSM Modem, GPRS DTU, and TCP/IP (LAN) optional communication modes.
  • Graphics: bmp, gif, png, jpg.
  • Animation: gif animation.
  • Symbol: All Unicode symbol in Windows(R) system.
  • Date & Time format: User-defined.
  • Temperature/Humidity in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin.
  • Count up/down in days, hours, minutes, seconds and customized units.
  • 6 display methods. Auto, Immediate, Slide, Cover, Roll, Interlaced Slide, Interlaced Roll, Shutter, Jump, Snow, Random, Shoot, Explode, Twinkle, Flash, Pac man.
  • move speed from slowest speed 1 to fastest speed 8.
  • 0~30 minutes pause time, or stop permanently.
  • Schedule modes. Run always, Run every year, Run every month, Run every day, Run every hour, Run on given date and time, Run on given time in given days.
  • Easily upgrade system through RS232, RS422 interface.
  • Supports background color or image.
  • Software and technical support included.

Monkey Knife Fight

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