ROB JOHNSON (CFO, Houston, Texas)

Rob is a board-licensed Texas CPA and the President & Managing Partner of Sabre Financial Group. Highly analytical and recognized as a strategic and forward-looking thinker, Rob is also a skilled teacher and facilitator, committed to raising the financial awareness of business professionals within an organization and mediating difficult business problems to achieve a favorable outcome for all parties. Rob has substantial experience and technical expertise in small-business finance, financial planning & analysis, budgeting, forecasting, economic modeling, cash and working capital management, risk mitigation and investment evaluations. An alumnus of Price Waterhouse and a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Rob has served as a strategic advisor and financial expert in both corporate and consulting capacities during his 23-year career.

RON FREDERICKSON (President, Director, Victoria, British Columbia)

Ron has had an extensive entrepreneurial career, with experience in business from construction to sports memorabilia, helping Tickercom establish itself in its current market niche. His credibility drives the company’s product development. Ron has committed his activities as a co-founder of Tickercom in identifying and delivering a level of quality to the customers . His innate ability to work with industry professionals and build on relationships has positioned Tickercom in its most recent and most significant Agreements.Hands-on and ever present, Ron finds the time to bring new business to Tickercom.

JEREMY GANN (VP Consumer Products, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Jeremy is responsible for Tickercom’s product development strategy, working with both inside and outside technical development teams as well as managing our Las Vegas, NV office and warehouse, including all technical support and shipping.

DANIEL TSE (VP Commercial Products, Shenzhen, China)

Daniel works in Shenzhen for Tickercom. He graduated from the University of Shenzhen, majoring in international trade. Daniel was employed by renowned digital signage companies from 2012-2018 in sales management. He is now dedicated to building the brand awareness for Tickercom via UI and content development and is a bridge between Tickercom and our manufacturers.

AARON GLADISH (Newsroom Director, Victoria, British Columbia)

Aaron is Tickercom’s Newsroom Director and our longest-term employee. He manages two shifts per day, 365 days a year, schedules content, trains new staff, and proves his dependability over and over again. Aaron’s professional approach and experience sets the standards to his support staff and they all look to his leadership and dedication to the final product.

STEVE BOFFO (Advisory Board, London, England)

Steve founded 2DB with Jim Davis in 1998. He specialises in computer consultancy, project management, systems analysis and software development. Steve started his computing career with Mecca Bookmakers in 1985, before moving to SIS in 1987. During his 13 years with SIS, Steve played a key role in the design, development and specification of many of their benchmark products including central site data systems, SisText and NexSIS. In 1996, he was appointed head of SIS Software Development & Technical Support. Two years later he left to form 2DB. On the rare occasions when Steve's not deep in the business of technology, he's most likely to be found on a golf course working on his swing.

JIM DAVIS (Advisory Board, London, England)

Jim founded 2DB with Steve Boffo in 1998. His focus is consultancy, project management, systems analysis, software development and operational research. With an honours degree in mathematics from Oxford University, Jim got into the business of computers in 1975 and hasn't stopped since. In 1981 he developed the first 12 screen colour text system for Mecca Bookmakers (now part of William Hill). Since then Jim has led many worldwide projects developing innovative, tailored digital systems for most of the major bookmaking brands. Jim likes his music and he likes it loud, from Amy McDonald to Scooter.

ALEXIS CLARK (Advisory Board Austin, Texas)

Alexis Clark is a financial services professional with nearly 25 years of experience in banking and finance in both the US and Australia. Alexis is a chartered accountant and a chartered financial analyst and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Adelaide (Australia). Among other roles, Alexis has worked as an equity analyst for Merrill Lynch in Melbourne and as CEO of an independent oil & gas company in Texas. He has an exceptionally strong background in accounting, taxation, financial modeling, and credit/equity analysis, and he is a self-motivated and experienced business professional with both the requisite technical knowledge and personal tenacity to drive success for his clients.